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Does Your Business Want To Increase Bottom Line Profitability?

Do you have systems in place around category management?

The micro-management of the gross margin within your business at an operational level is one of the keys to profitability. We see in most situations this area is not given sufficient attention by other practicing accountants giving rise to poor management and significant gross margin underperformance. We will assist you in developing systems around category management and bring a focus to maximising sales from higher margin categories setting profitability targets for every product area within your business and measuring actual margin achieved against budget.

Do you have an accurate control over your overheads?

We will bring a focus to the management of your cost base as follows:

  1. Interrogate and challenge every overhead with a view to seeking meaningful cost savings without compromising customer service;
  2. Benchmark salaries and wages against industry norms;
  3. Suggest alternative service providers;
  4. Look at value for money in relation to expenditure incurred in every area.

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