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Could you depend on your accountant in a financial crisis?

At some point during your business career from start up to retirement you are likely to be faced with a financial situation that requires serious input from your accountant, such as the sale of your business, Revenue audit/investigation, difficulties in relation to bank debt, threat of insolvency, threat of litigation, matrimonial dispute, etc.

Having a passive accountant by your side in these situations can seriously limit your chances of reaching a satisfactory outcome. We will be a strong partner and stand by you in a crisis and have the experience to negotiate effectively on your behalf when you are under financial threat ensuring that you are not placed at a financial disadvantage. We are very aware of the mental and emotional strain that these situations can place on you and your family and we endeavour to provide the best solutions possible to bring matters to a conclusion in the shortest possible timeframe. By providing decisive advice we can help deliver a favourable outcome when you need it most.

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